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Let’s tour around the world and discover some blood donation data about donors, Blood Drives, and Blood Supplies.

How many blood donations are in the world?

According to the WHO, eighty-three million donations were recorded worldwide in 2012, or 2 donations per second. 8 million more than in 2004.

These 83 million were collected in 10,000 blood transfusion centers in 168 countries.

Blood drives

The inhabitants’ income is a determining factor in the collection of blood donations: the annual blood donation level is 3,100 donations for low- and middle-income countries, 15,000 in high-income countries.

The total blood donation rate, an indicator of the general availability of blood in a country, also varies according to per capita income.

It is 39.2 per 1,000 inhabitants in high-income countries compared to 12.6 for low-income countries. This rate is four donations per 1000 inhabitants in low-income countries.

Seventy-five countries collect less than ten donations per 1000 inhabitants.

In these 75 countries:

  • 38 countries belong to the WHO African region
  • 6 to that of the Americas
  • 8 to that of the eastern Mediterranean
  • 6 to the European region
  • 7 to the Southeast Asia region and 10 to the Western Pacific region.

All are low and middle-income countries.

Of the 83 million donated blood, more than 50% is collected in high-income countries. However, these countries represent only 15% of the world’s population.

Blood supply

Currently, only 62 countries have blood supplies based on voluntary unpaid blood donation (almost 100%). 40 are still dependent on family donors, or even paid donors.

People in need of blood transfusions are the opposite of each other if you take low-income or high-income countries:

  • 65% are children under 5 in low-income countries
  • 76% are people over 65 in high-income countries.

Blood donors around the world

30% are women, but the proportions vary considerably from one country to another. In 18 of 168 countries, only 10% of women donate blood.

The age profile of blood donors:

  • 38%: 25-44 years old,
  • 27%: 18 24 years old,
  • 26%: 45-64 years
  • 6% of donors are in the under 18 age group,
  • 3% for the over 65 age group.

Three types of blood donors

  • Unpaid voluntary donors
  • Donors for a family member / compensation
  • Paid donors.

An increase of 7.70 million blood donations from voluntary unpaid donors was observed between 2004 and 2011 in 156 countries. In 71 countries, they represent 90% of blood supply.

Sixty countries are provided voluntarily and voluntarily for their entire donation (or more than 99%): 38 high-income countries, 22 middle-income countries, and 11 low-income countries.

Those are good blood donation data to know and Certainly to increase…

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